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Exclusive set of services where financial solutions are coupled with wisdom and mellowness of fine wines.

Sommelier Package

Experience the atmosphere of wine    

Premium cards Mastercard® World Elite, 3 pieces, are already included in the Package. And 3 additional Mastercard World Black Edition cards for you and your family members.
Exclusive services: personal sommelier, private wine tastings, seasonal sets
Possibility of credit line opening with the credit limit of 500 000 (for salary card holders - up to 1 000 000) UAH, grace period of 62 days and the percentage rate of 0.01% per annum.
Unlimited cash withdrawal abroad
Express services in Boryspil airport / Куiv

Enjoy flight check-ins, baggage drop-off, and security screenings at the airport without waiting, air security control for internal departures at "Boryspil" airport, terminal D, 2 floor.*

Lounge Key program

Visit more than 1000 lounges in airports all over the world ***


Relax for free in Mastercard® Lounges in domestic/ international departure areas in Ukraine and abroad*

MASTERCARD ELITE, 24/7 concierge service

Resolve your issues – ranging from trip arrangements to individual reminders of important events – with the help of Mastercard assistant

Personal manager

Contact your personal manager on any matters related to banking products and services


Choose 4 additional financial services for free

Personal sommelier

You can obtain exclusive advice on the selection of wine from your personal sommelier

Invitations to private wine tasting

Attend private tastings of finest wines from different parts of the world for free**

Seasonal wine sets

Order special seasonal wine sets for different occasions


Get purchase discounts and rewards under "Mastercard Bilshe Black" and "Priceless Privileges from Mastercard" programs

Mobile deposit at 5% per annum

Make money by easily replenishing your savings account using i-Bank, CA+, or ATMs of Credit Agricole Bank


Save your time by using Internet banking or mobile app


Exchange of points received for each purchase for the gifts within the Mastercard Bilshe programs

Tariffs for issuing and servicing of Credit Agricole payment cards 

Tariffs for servicing of Credit Agricole payment cards, which were suspended

The cost of Sommelier package usage is UAH 1 000 per month.

If any of the conditions below is met, usage of Sommelier package will be free of charge:

  1. Payments with card in retail networks for the amount of UAH 40,000 or more over the month;
  2. Daily average balance of card account during the month is UAH 150,000 or more.

Payments with card in retail networks include card payments in points of sale, payment for goods or services in the Internet other than transactions in i-Bank Internet banking system, mobile application CA+ and card-to-card transfers.

* To use the services you just need to show your MC World Elite card having paid by it in the sales network in the least amount of UAH 6000 during 35 working days prior to the date of service use. The check is not performed during 30 days from the date of card issue.

**You can attend 2 private wine tastings free of charge during a year.

*** No fee is charged for visiting the lounge if you pay UAH 6,000 and more with your World Elite card during 30 + 5 working days propr to the date of the visit to the airport (excluding weekends). In case of payments for less than UAH 6,000, the fee will be USD 32 per person per visit.


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