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Deposit programs in national and foreign currency with significant advantages from an international financial group CREDIT AGRICOLE.

Assurance of deposit reliability, as CREDIT AGRICOLE is a part of a stable international financial CREDIT AGRICOLE GROUP, as well as participant of the Deposit Insurance Fund

Attractive interest rates and flexible own savings management

Loyalty program which allows you to get an increased interest rate

Possibility of deposit opening in the name of the third party

Possibility of automatic prolongation use for certain deposits without necessity of deposit renewal

Individual safe deposit boxes

Individual safe deposit boxes – provide security and reliable storage of your valuables during business trips, tourist trips or in everyday life.

Credit Agricole guarantees  confidentiality and impossibility of the third parties access to your safe.

At your service we propose safe deposit boxes of different sizes for a term that’s convenient for you (one month to one year)

Insurance polices

CREDIT AGRICOLE has great experience in insurance services provision and we have formed a line of best insurance products available on the insurance market just for you: auto insurance, property insurance, adults and children life insurance, cumulative life insurance.

Favorable insurance conditions

Only reliable insurance partners

Rapid settlement of insurance cases


«i-Bank» –is an internet-banking system that ensures remote access to your products and possibility to carry out transactions with accounts online

Fast. Just in several minutes using your desktop computer or any other device you can pay for public utility services or for a credit, transfer funds between accounts

Convenient. You can use your bank account at any time convenient for you

Economical. Operational charges in i-Bank are lower, than in the Bank outlet

Secure. Access to your account is secured with a reliable encryption mechanism and private password


CREDIT AGRICOLE offers a wide range of credit programs for different purposes

Mortgage loans and loans against security of immovable property

Loans for automobiles' purchase

Credit cards and cash loans


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