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Services in airports 

by Mastercard

Services in airports by Mastercard

Get additional privileges at airports

Additional privileges are available at the airports for Premium banking Grand Prix customers with Mastercard Platinum and Mastercard World Elite!

Skip the line to the departure zone and relax in executive lounges that offer the most comfortable conditions.


Pass all types of controls, check-in, departure and arrival luggage drop, security control for internal flights without a queue in “Boryspil” airport, Terminal D, 2 floor*.

Check-in place:

  • Desk No 48 — for passengers of UIA, Azerbaijan airlines, Georgian airlines, Atlasjet Ukraine, Air alanna/Fanair, Yanair.
  • Check-in desk of your airlines if you travel with Lufthansa, Austrian airlines, Chezh airlines, Swiss, Brussels airlines, SkyUp, British airways, KLM, Air France, EL AL, Turkish airlines, Iraqi airways, Air Baltic, Ellinair S.A; Iberia.

Contact LLC “Aerohandling” agency to use the right to priority check-in.

The relevant list of airlines is always available on

Fast Track is also available in departure zone in Italy (Venice, Rome, Sardinia). Pass air security control without a queue.


If your card is contactless, tap it on the reader of the branded Fast Line terminal, otherwise, dip it in the terminal for authorization.


Enter PIN code on the terminal screen. For verification purpose, UAH 1 will be temporarily blocked in the account. Blocking will be automatically cancelled in a couple of days.


Enjoy excellent service of Fast Line Mastercard with a premium card by Credit Agricole.


You entered incorrect PIN code

Insufficient funds for verification

Card is inactive

Limit of passes is exceeded

The condition of transactions for the last 30+5 days is not met*


Lounge Key is the international program that opens doors of more than 1,000 comfortable business lounges at the airports all over the world.

Holders of premium card Mastercard World Elite by Credit Agricole can enjoy unlimited number of visits to more than 1,000 business lounges at the airports all over the world with Lounge Key program. **

The list of program participants and the history of lounge visits are available on the website ( after card registration or in mobile applications App Store and Google Play.

Visit Mastercard® Business Lounges free of charge in the domestic and international departures zone in Ukraine and abroad. *


  • “Boryspil” airport, terminal D: zone of international departures (level 3) and zone of domestic flights (level 2);
  • Terminal F, zone of international departures (level 2);
  • “Kyiv” airport (Zhyliany), terminal A (level 2);
  • “Lviv” airport, international departures zone;
  • “Kharkiv” airport, international departures zone.


World Elite card within a premium package SOMMELIER gives access to Маstercard Business Lounges in:

  • Грузия, международный аэропорт Батуми: этаж международных вылетов;
  • Georgia, Batumi International Airport, the floor of international departures;
  • Hungary, Budapest, Ferenz List Airport, 1 floor of SkyCourt terminal;
  • Romania, Bucharest, Henri Coanda Airport, 1 floor, international departures zone;
  • Moldova, Chisinau International Airport;
  • Austria, Vienna, “Schwechat” Airport (two business lounges):
  • Sky Lounge – in check-in zone No 3, level 2;
  • Jet Lounge – in check-in zone No 1 and No 2, ground floor;
  • Russia, Moscow, “Sheremetyevo” Airport, terminal E; Saint-Petersburg, “Pulkovo” airport, terminal 1;
  • Czech Republic, Prague, Vaclav Havel airport, terminal 1.


You can check meeting the conditions and availability of services via chat bot @MastercardUkraine on Facebook.

It will help:

  • Learn the navigation at the airport;
  • Get the list of Mastercard business lounges in other cities and countries;
  • Order goods via MyDutyFree service in advance, etc.

COVID-19 PCR testing for at airports

Credit Agricole cares about the comfort and safety of its customers and offers a free service – COVID-19 PCR testing for holders of premium cards Mastercard Word Elite from Credit Agricole at Boryspil, Kharkiv and Odessa airports.

A rapid test to detect the COVID-19 antigen

From now on, a rapid test for COVID-19*** antigen is sufficient to visit some countries, so it is not necessary to take a PCR test in advance. You will receive the test result in just 20 minutes. This allows you to visit countries such as Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Croatia***.

To use the service on the day of departure, you need to:

  • make a request for testing on the third floor of terminal D in the registration area near the gate No 48 “FastLine”. Important! Only one pre-departure test is available: either an antigen test or a PCR test;
  • present the Mastercard® World Elite card and the boarding pass to the airport employee and pass the test;
  • get the result in 20 minutes.

For the convenience of traveling passengers, the CSD laboratory conducts rapid tests for the detection of COVID-19 antigen at Boryspil International Airport. For more information go to:

* To use business lounge access, fast check-in and luggage drop services, or the Fast Line service, all you need is to pay UAH 10 000 and more with Mastercard World Elite, World Black Edition, Platinum card during 30+5 business days before the airport visit (not including weekends and days off). The verification is not made for 30 days after card issue.
You can use business lounges and other services without any additional conditions. See details on

**Business lounge visit is free of charge subject to payment of UAH 10 000 and more with World Elite card over the last 30+5 business days before the visit to the airport (not including weekends and days off). If the amount of payments is less than UAH 10 000, the cost of visit is USD 32 per person.

*** Please carefully check whether the country of your choice is available in the list of available rapid tests. The test lasts no more than 15 minutes. The language of the test result is English. For details, please visit the website, contact your personal manager, use the chatbot @MasterсardUkraine on Facebook or contact the service employee at +380 (50) 415 09 09 (24/7).

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